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Rapid Advanced Detection and Response (RADAR), is a managed information security service, offering comprehensive security defense through monitoring, detection, correlation, expert analysis, and incident response. No BS (Blind Spots). 


Incident response is too slow and expensive. Contain and control threads with automatic intelligent responses to alerts.


You’re blind on your security devices, network endpoints, servers, applications and databases. Learn what’s running on every device, network segment, and endpoint.


You can’t know what’s “bad” ahead of time. See and analyze everything; detect threats in real-time with accurate intelligence.

No BS (Blind Spots)

RADAR provides a powerful component to the defensible security program, giving clients the ability to quickly detect and respond to threats with agility and expertise with No BS (Blind Spots). As part of a security infrastructure, RADAR provides a comprehensive alternative to traditional security monitoring infrastructure or services to provide highly actionable, verified threat information. RADAR not only includes the technology required to perform advanced monitoring, detection, and response, but skilled expertise to ensure that only real threats and malicious activity are reported and acted upon.

Complete visibility into your environment, providing a cost-effective service that helps you sleep at night. RADAR requires no investment in infrastructure, and is what you’ve been waiting for if you’ve been trying to cobble together an expensive and complicated defense-in-depth infrastructure with tools, resources, and processes.

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